E Komo Mai, and Welcome to The Beauty Shop Kauai!

The Beauty Shop Kaua’i, a Nail and Tanning Salon on Kauai opened in 2009 at the Hotel Coral Reef. Our first opening was the start of great new beginnings! Laura and Jody went on a mission to revolutionize spa services. Their idea was to provide luxurious services at lower prices. The Beauty Shop Kaua’i is a currently a nail and tanning salon. We provide you with the best beauty services in our Kauai Salon! We put quality and care into every manicure, pedicure and spray tan. Our services are affordable without skimping out on top quality, cleanliness, and professionalism. 

We have serviced over 1,000 clients at The Beauty Shop, and our philosophy hasn’t changed. However, the love for our work and the passion we have in what we do has only increased! Jody and Laura have a passion for providing the best salon services on Kaua’i for both the island’s local residents and visitors alike. Whether you live on the island, or are vacationing on Kaua’i, The Beauty Shop Kaua’i will provide the beauty services you need! When you enter our shop, you are sure to be greeted with Aloha and feel right at home. We love being a Kauai nail and tanning salon that stands out on the island and your first choice for quality beauty services!


About Our Nail and Tanning Salon



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