The Beauty Shop Kauai offers the best manicure on Kauai! Check out our various options of Manicures and book one online today!

Islander Manicure $40

Our Islander Manicure is a basic manicure featuring a simple shaping, cuticle softening and nipping. This service is finished off with a polish in your choice of color! If you’re looking for a simple and affordable manicure, this is a great option!

Deluxe Manicure $50

For just $10 more than our Islander Manicure, you can have our Deluxe Manicure! A luxurious service featuring shaping of the nail, softening of the cuticle, and nipping. We use locally made Ola Hawaiian Sugar Scrub and Heated mitts to soften the and deeply moisturize the hands, followed by a relaxing massage of the hands! We finish the service with a polish in the color of your choice! This is the best manicure on Kauai! 

Gel Polish Manicure $55

Gel Polish is the rage right now, and The Beauty Shop Kaua’i has got it! Gel Polish is appealing because it will stay on the nail for a lengthier period of time and shimmers a smoother, glossier shine than standard nail polish. A Gel Polish Manicure includes all features found in our Islander Manicure but with gel polish. Gel polish is set by the use of an LED light! The best part is you don’t have to wait for it to dry! 

Gel Polish Removal $25

This is a simple service to remove Gel Polish from the finger nails, clean, and reapply a strengthening coat! Gel Polish can be temporarily damaging to the top layers of your nail, so apply a strengthening coat is really beneficial for the health of your nails! 

Shellac Manicure $65

A Shellac manicure is a specific type of Gel Manicure using CND SHELLAC product. Shellac is a special formula created to be a 14+ day wear, have a 5 minute removal, and cause no damage to the nail unlike other Gel polishes. Similarly to the Gel Polish, Shellac is also set with a LED light. With over 30 Shellac colors to choose from at The Beauty Shop, you’ll want to give this product a try! The Shellac manicure features all elements of the Islander Manicure with a Shellac polish at the end. No time is needed for Shellac to dry! 

Polish Change on Fingernails (Not Gel) $15

If you’re in need of a quick reapplication of nail polish, opt for a polish change! We will remove current polish, clean the nail, and reapply with any color polish of your choice! 


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